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KRA's Vote to Disband or Remain as an Organization

As most of you are aware, changes within the International Literacy Association (ILA) are also necessitating changes in the Kansas Reading Association (KRA).

Online voting is now open for KRA Members the opportunity to vote on an option for KRA. Electronic voting will occur between December 15-31, 2017. The results will be tabulated and analyzed by the Executive Board. In January 2018, the Executive Board will make a decision about the future of the Kansas Reading Association.

Options Offered by International Literacy Association noted by Alica Thomas, State Coordinator of KRA:

There are five options available below. For more information to assist in your voting choice, click on the button or the photo.


1.  Full Group Affiliation with ILA: This option requires incorporation in Delaware, new bylaws are required, and the organization’s name must be aligned with ILA. ILA would cost-share the incorporation with KRA and KRA would be included in ILA’s group exemption with the IRS. We would continue to have some access to support from ILA, but there would be cost-sharing for many services that were previously provided free of charge. The annual subscription fee for this option, in addition to previously mentioned cost-sharing with ILA, would be $3,000 or more.

2.  Full Non-Group Affiliation with ILA: This option would require KRA to incorporate at our own expense and obtain 501(c)(3) status from the IRS separately from ILA. KRA would be responsible for all legal and other fees associated with these filings. KRA would still have to establish new b

ylaws and would sign a letter of agreement with ILA that we would have access to purchase services from ILA, would be eligible for ILA awards, and would be recognized by ILA as a state organization. The annual subscription fee for this option would be $2,000 or more.

3.  Limited Affiliation with ILA: As with option 2, KRA would incorporate at our own expense and obtain our own 501(c)(3) status. A $300 annual subscription fee would allow KRA to use the ILA logo and be listed on the ILA website.

4.  Chapter Development Program: This is a 3 year agreement between the state organization and ILA. This is designed for organizations like KRA which have declining membership and low revenue. There would be an annual fee, which is not currently defined, that would allow KRA to operate in full affiliation with ILA and use of their tax-exempt status while participating in a “boot camp” style retraining with ILA. The goal would be to increase membership and revenue in order to move to Full Group Affiliation at the end of three years, although this program could possibly be extended beyond three years.

5.  Dissolution of KRA: Please see the Treasurer's note on the information page regarding financial implications. If a decision is made to dissolve KRA, the annual book study for 2017-2018 will continue, and there is a possibility of a more informal conference being held in October, 2018. Arrangements for the Kansas Journal of Reading, Electronic Book Bags, and the Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award have been discussed and will be in place.

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